Evergreen Statement on White House Climate Personnel Changes

Today, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement regarding reports that White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy is stepping down, and that John Podesta will be appointed as senior adviser on clean energy innovation, in charge of investing clean energy funds from the Inflation Reduction Act.

“On the heels of passing the most significant climate bill in American history, President Biden is right to focus on ensuring the $370 billion in climate funds is invested to have the most impact possible. No one knows how to pull the levers of government better than John Podesta. In this important new role, Podesta should focus on investing Inflation Reduction Act funds to the communities that need it the most, expanding clean energy to lower Americans energy costs, and creating millions of jobs in a just clean energy economy.

“Gina McCarthy seized the opportunity of the newly created National Climate Advisor role to coordinate federal agencies on an all-of-government approach to defeat climate change. She helped to define this critical role in shaping federal climate policy, and we are confident that Deputy National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi will continue to build upon her achievement as he steps into this role. McCarthy’s top-notch team included former Evergreen Action leader Maggie Thomas and advisory board member Sonia Aggarwal."

Evergreen called for the creation of a White House climate office and White House-led climate council in the Evergreen Action Plan released in April 2020. Evergreen leaders and board members outlined a detailed proposal for the creation of a White House climate office in a Democracy Journal article in Spring 2020.